The story of how I designed a hotel in the lovely town of Frankfurt am Main. Once, I received an order with a specific objective: a boutique hotel, three floors and a picturesque view. Around it was a garden in bloom, full of bluebells that created a special atmosphere. The owners of the hotel wanted to create a similar atmosphere in the art design on the walls and in several halls – BUT, to combine it with my bright cosmic vision. Classic ornamentation and cosmic avant-garde should have been combined in one. On the central facade, we created French tea roses, in a grey blush hue, to keep it more neutral among the rest of the German architecture around it. On the corner terraces and balconies – grapes and flowers; above the main entrance we decided to paint a copy of the bluebells from the garden, and finally, I was able to add cosmic elements. The decoration on the ceiling is a symbiosis of art cosmism and classical styles; an angel graces the entrance, a few paintings with gilded and mirror elements. Everything together became the character of the building. I love experiments like this and I’m so happy not to limit myself to paintin


I always wanted to design something elegant and sophisticated, to combine classic and avant-garde style and unite form and color. As any woman, I’ve been interested in fashion and searched for new and exciting looks and pieces. Then, I had an idea to create a collection of silk dresses. As a designer, it was important to me to unite all concepts. The main idea is of course printing on silk, and the design was taken from the paintings. The “Woman who walked off the canvas” has come to life in this collection. I did it first and foremost for myself, and I created the designs based on that as well. It’s a fruition of my long-time dream, to create something unique and then flaunt it. I want to say, that when I first came to an event wearing a dress I designed, I felt magical because practically everything I was wearing was handmade by me!

Bed linen

Jewelry Collection by Ulyana Skifova “Beyond Time”

The Collection was based on Ulyana’s drawings, with elements of themes from her paintings. Jewelry Collection by Ulyana Skifova “Zero Gravity,” Gold, enamel, rock crystal. Art can come alive in many forms, as the creator expresses themselves in all possible ways and shapes. The painting “Waltz for 4 hands” was the base for the design. The mood is created by the sensation, and the sensation is created from perception. For me, as an artist, the perception of color and form are two direct paths to my mood, from this I draw my world view and lifestyle. This style, saturated with colors and shapes feels light, possibly even weightless.
Ring “Solar loop,” gold, diamond. We are all subject to the cyclical nature of time, which just like nature has no sharp angles. Infinity flows smoothly from one point to the next and we just slide along on her magical trajectories and waves. The symbolic shape manifests harmony of a woman’s soul with nature itself


The egg is a symbol of life and conception, not just of someone, but of a thought, an idea, everything that’s conceived. I love this topic, and this is why I create these eggs. It’s commonly known that a person’s aura also has an egg shape; it’s a perfect model of the universe. If we remember the Russian fairy tale about Koschey, the needle that guarded his life was inside of an egg. Karl Fabergé, the great master of jewelry making, did not just create his famous collection of eggs. He was an enlightened man and didn’t only limit himself to his craft. Understanding the profound meaning of the egg symbol and its metaphysical magnitude, he created an empirical collection. Everyone would want to have their own Merkaba, their own amulet, their own personal defense. Of course, history has dismissed these symbols as primitive, and it’s not common to discuss these sacred things. I create them with love and ease, and most importantly with the full understanding of the meaning of my work. This is part of my creativity, my view of the world and my taste. A decorative egg would make a wonderful present for any special occasion, or be a one-of-a-kind interior design object