About the artist

Ulyana Skifova is a merited artist, laureate of the prestigious Petropol award given for extraordinary achievements in the arts, and a founder of a new painting style called “Orboforbism.” Ulyana’s approach to art is a mosaic of perceptions for color and form, reflected in brightly provocative combinations. Her work can be described as a symbiosis of avangardism, cosmos and graphics. Her work takes on a myriad formats – from miniatures to monumental paintings and has already been noticed on the contemporary art scene in Russia and across the globe. As a painter, installation artist, couture designer, and the creative mind behind numerous art shows, Ulyana dedicates special attention to global social projects. Ulyana is also the founder of the state-of-the-art graphic studio COSMOARTA, which offers services from simple photo retouching to multi-level complex image manipulation.

“With my art I try to express myself, not just as an individual, but as a tiny part of the infinite cosmos… Perhaps there is an ending at some point, but it gives way to a new beginning …. We are not meant to comprehend or come closer to this scope, but there is an opportunity to imagine or at least to contemplate it. My artwork is the interpretation of the multidimensional nature of the universe, the way I can sense it…. It’s the cosmic dust and a microscopic part of what is within me. It is not known to me, how much more I can produce and what worlds have yet to open their gates before me – and that’s not important, as long as I have the fortune to perceive life as such, and to communicate my vision through my paintings.It’s important to note that I did not formulate this style of art as a painter, but rather it’s my artwork that helped me arrive at my unique personal path, which gives me an enormous opportunity to see and comprehend things beyond the common understanding.

«The world of art has brought me on the path of self-discovery, and I’m thankful for how much I was able to understand. One of these things is health and self-healing. I have developed a signature system of balancing my system through uncovering the psychological codes that are the reason for many illnesses. I was able to help myself and many people, which is why this activity is indelible from my creative process.» There is a saying – if you try to play it too safe, you’ll become a statue. For me any limitation, especially in art, is absolutely unacceptable. I am happy to express all my impulses and ideas, in the forms they wish to be. My work often includes unexpected elements, like glass, sand, metal, sparkling particles, leather, plastic and even jewels. To me, art is the temptation to create, and each time I need to create something unique!